Word to the Wise

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Thanos’s gaze rests on the city of Whiterun. He notices a blacksmith talking to an Imperially dressed man. Making his way through the city he passes several townspeople, however he never makes eye contact. He does however keep his eyes gazing at the city, looking for something in specific. Passing the market district he looks off over to his left, noticing a cobbled wall with stairs, and then makes his way up those. Upon reaching the top, Thanos notices a large deadened tree and a shouting man near a shrine of Talos. He can’t help but shake his head at the nature of the man, shouting his lungs out about how he loves Talos. Divinity really never made sense. The mage’s practice was practical as it was scientific. Measured and calculated. Thanos noticed that he paused thinking about the man, shook his head again and looked up at the stairs beside the yelling man. He makes his way up those, rather quickly as to not be caught in the spiritual debate with the shouting lunatic.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, Thanos is greeted by a guard. He knew he had reached where the Jarl had resided. The mage offers a reserved nod to the guard, walking into Dragonsreach. The fires keep the building warm on the inside. Thanos’s gaze combs the foyer as well as the throne room for possible quick exits, however in the middle of doing such, he’s greeted by a man dressed in posh leathered armor, much like a thief would wear. “Looking to see the Jarl?” the man asks. Thanos’s gaze greets the man and is taken slightly off guard at the man’s appearance. Red glowing eyes, short red hair that’s unkempt, complete with a scar on his face and a little scruff. “… Aye.” the mage replies. “I take it you’re not one for casual conversation are you?” the man smirks. “Nevermind that. Just follow the stairs up. I’m simply just waiting. For what, I don’t know, but I’m sure it’ll hit me eventually. I’ve got a long time to live anyways.” the man continues. Thanos blinks, completely baffled at the man’s eccentric behavior. He must have huffed the moon sugars again. Thanos walks up the stairs to the throne room, as a Dark Elven woman stops him. “Stop! The Jarl isn’t receiving any visitors or has an audience. What’s the meaning of this?” Thanos blinks at the woman’s sternness. “I’m here to tell the Jarl about the attack on Helgen. Mind sticking that blade somewhere where it’s not in my face? Thank you.” The Dark Elven woman blinks “You were at Helgen? He’ll want to talk to you then. Alright. You may approach.” Thanos walks up toward the Jarl. “So, you were at Helgen? You seen this dragon with your own eyes?” he asks the mage. Thanos lightly grins “I had a great view while the Imperials were trying to cut off my head.” “Really? You’re certainly… Forthright about your criminal past.” “With all due respect, just coming into Skyrim isn’t criminal. If it is, you need signs posted.” The Jarl laughs. “It’s none of my concern about who the Imperials are wanting to execute. ” Thanos nods. “What I want to know from you though, is what exactly happened at Helgen.” Thanos takes a deep breath. “Well, in the mid swing of the headsman, a dragon attacked Helgen. There was blood and chaos everywhere. Everything was burning. And it was headed this way after I escaped.” “By Ysmir! Irileth was right!” exclaims the Jarl. “What do you say now, Proventus? Shall we continue to trust the strength in our walls? Against a dragon?” he adds. “My lord! We should send troops to Riverwood at once. It’s in the most immediate danger, if that dragon is lurking in the mountains… ” Irileth suggests, however is cut of by Proventus. “The Jarl of Falkreath will see that as a provocation! He’ll assume we’re preparing to join Ulfric’s side and attack him! We should-” “ENOUGH!” The Jarl booms. “I’ll not stand idly by while a dragon burns my hold and slaughters my people! Irileth send a detachment to Riverwood at once.” “By your orders, my Lord.” Irileth kneels and leaves. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll return to my duties.” Proventus snarks. “That would be best.” The Jarl coldly replies back to the Steward.

“Well done. You sought me out with your own initiative. You’ve done Whiterun a service and I won’t forget it. Please, accept this as a token of my esteem.” The Jarl hands Thanos an enchanted helmet. The mage thinks to himself “Well, I can’t use the helmet, but I can use the enchantment.” “Thank you, sir.” Thanos nods. “There is another thing you can do for me. Suitable for someone of your particular talents, perhaps?” The Jarl asks. Thanos’s ears perk up. “You have my interest.” “Let’s find Farengar, my court wizard. He’s been looking into a matter to these dragons… And rumors of them.” The Jarl beckons the mage to follow to Farengar’s study. “Farengar! I think I’ve found someone to help you with your dragon project! Go ahead and fill him in on the details.” Farengar clears his throat. Thanos seems unamused thinking to himself “Not another arrogant mage. Oh gods.” He however pays attention. “He must be referring to my research into the dragons. I could use someone to fetch something for me. Now when I mean fetch, I mean delve into a dangerous ruin in search of a stone tablet that may or may not be there. This stone tablet is in Bleak Falls Barrow. It’s called a Dragonstone and it’s supposedly a map of ancient dragon burial sites. Go there, get the tablet interred in the main chambers and bring it back to me. Simplicity in of itself.” Farengar rambles. “Alright. Have any spells?” Thanos inquires. “A few.” Farengar replies. Thanos browses a moment “I’ll take a tome of one of your finest shock spells as well as an enchanted shock staff, a few scrolls and some potions.” “That’ll be a thousand even.” Farengar holds out his hand. “Oh, what do you know… I have gold this time.” Thanos hands him a bag of gold. “You better be right about the location you two faced dog.” Thanos mutters to the eccentric mage, turning to the Jarl. “This is a priority now. Anything we can use to fight this dragon, or dragons. We need it quickly, before it’s too late.” the Jarl emphasizes. Thanos sighs and nods. “I understand. I’ll be back.”



It’s a little shorter than I would have liked it, but I’m a little further than this, so I’m trying to catch up! I’ll hopefully have another chapter up tomorrow! 😀


The Road to Whiterun

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Thanos sighs as he quietly packs his belongings. He looks out the window for a moment, admiring the aurora’s light seeping through. He then sighs again and continues to pack things up, eyeing Hadvar a moment as he tosses in his bed. Shaking his head, Thanos places his bag across his shoulders and starts heading out the door. “I can tell you haven’t slept.” Thanos stops in his tracks and looks back. Hadvar is now sitting on the edge of his bed, rubbing his eye lightly with a fist. “I haven’t got the time to stay, Hadvar. If I’m going to do this, it needs to be done quickly so I can get this business off my hands and onto someone else’s”, Thanos quickly explains. Hadvar sighs and stands walking toward the mage. “Thanos.. This is all of our business. You heard the legends. You seen them right in front of your eyes. This is your business, my business, even Sven’s crazy mother.” “His mother isn’t crazy. If she was, she wouldn’t know what she saw.” Thanos turns facing Hadvar at this point tapping his foot. Hadvar quirks a brow in question. “It’s like this, Hadvar… Insanity is counter-indicative. If she seen it fly off toward’s Bleak Falls and we’ve been through the attack she’s not so crazy, is she?” Hadvar blinks a moment, “I guess you have a point. Fine. She’s eccentric then, but that’s besides the point. The point is, whether or not you want to be involved, you are. Now I can’t stop you from running from the situation, but you have to understand that no matter all the running you do, this will catch up to you. Everything does. Look at how we caught you crossing the border.” Thanos rubs the bridge of his nose, “And I was running from people who are afraid of the taboo. However, I’ll take things into consideration. I…” Thanos trails off a moment, hesitating over the next few words. “You what?” “I thank you for back there. Cutting the bindings, letting me free.” Hadvar chuckles, “I take it you’re not one for thanking, are you?” Thanos shakes his head, “I’ve never been in the position due to the fact that people are not my forte. And with that, I’ll be off. If our paths cross, they do, but do know this… I will keep my distance.” Hadvar sighs, “Thanos, you have nothing to fear from the Imperials. You’re free now. Unless you do something for us to come after you, you have nothing to worry about.” The mage pulls up his cowl and sternly retorts, “It’s not the worry. It’s that I just don’t trust many people. Just like magic, there’s too much unpredictability… Although unlike magic, people cannot be controlled.” “Spoken like a true mage. Alright Thanos. Be safe.” Hadvar chuckles.


Thanos closes the door behind him and sighs. He starts to make his way on the trail toward Whiterun. As he passes the north gates of Riverwood, he looks back and smirks talking to himself. “You know, Hadvar isn’t THAT bad. Despite his position… But I must stand true to the principles at hand. Practice before people.” He scoffs and makes his way north toward Riverwood. Along the way he finds more alchemy reagents, picking them on his journey. The mage tactfully places the specimens in various cloths to keep them separated, almost as if he was compulsive about it. After a while he stops. Imperial soldiers are marching with a prisoner. The mage slinks into the brush and watches from afar. The prisoner seems to have a helpless look upon his face. Thanos thinks about intervening, but then realizes that not only is he outnumbered, but it goes against the principle of the matter. He considers his blessings from what ever deity he received them from, comes out of the brush and makes his way toward the soldiers. As he reaches them, he makes eye contact with them, nodding in acknowledgement and passes them quickly. They mutter something at the mage, but he pays no mind. He keeps moving.


Crossing the bridge he looks around. He smells a familiar scent along the river. “That’s… That smell!” He quickly jumps off the side of the river, searching for something. The mage frantically runs through the open mouth of the bridge to the other side where he checks the mouths better. He stumbles upon what he was smelling and searching for. A Nirnroot. The mage rubs his hands together, looking around, then observes the specimen more closely. “It seems to be in high quality… I don’t think anyone will miss this.” He delicately starts to extract the plant from the ground. He knows that not only are they worth something, but the reagent is one of his favorites to study and grow. He then places the plant gently into cloth, puts it in his satchet, and continues on the path.


Seeing a group of Khajiit, he waves one of them down. “Do you have any goods to trade?” The Khajiit nods subtly as Thanos peruses the wares. “I’ll take the leather and the pelts. Five of each.” The Khajiit nods and gathers the items. Thanos pays gold for them and makes his way toward Whiterun’s walls where he looks around a moment. The place is filled with ruin and guards. Barricades line some of them and he sighs. “Damn wars.” He stumbles up the path to the city and around over the drawbridge. He sees the door and he makes a run for it.


“STOP RIGHT THERE!” A voice yells. Thanos stops dead in his tracks muttering under his breath. “The gates closed. Only official business since dragon sightings are about.” The mage sighs. “Yeah, I was just through an attack. I’m to speak with the Jarl about it.” The guard eyes Thanos. “No need to get smart. I’ll let you through, though make it quick. Make your way up to Dragonsreach, talk to the Jarl at once.” Thanos sighs. “And can I get a room after?” “Only after. But we have our eye on you.” the guard snaps back, unlocking the gates to let the mage pass. As the mage passes through the gates, he looks through the city. Expecting something less, he’s quite surprised. The paths are more open. The stairs are cobbled. “I may just stick around after this… Maybe.” he says to himself. “That is unless the guards are annoying as the one before.” Eyeing a forge and tanning rack, he makes note of it in his mind and makes his way up toward Dragonsreach. The roads are empty of people and the aurora is at it’s peak now. The mage sighs and walks up the stairs, admiring the light’s reflection on the water. As he continues to scale up the stairs to Dragonsreach he slightly looks back at Whiterun. “After this, it’s not my problem. I don’t care what you say Hadvar, this is not my business.” He scoffs, makes his way across the bridge, and opens the door to Dragonsreach.



Sorry it’s been a while guys! And sorry that this chapter may be more than a little less than what’s expected. I’ve done some moving around, just got my game stable, and am now playing again. I know I said it would be around October, however with lots of things coming up, the troubleshooting of SKSE mods, getting everything to play nicely, plus modding some things for myself, time has more than gotten a little away from me. I do promise to have better chapters soon! As well as followers IN them. If you have any housing mods that you can suggest, feel more than welcome to suggest them in the comments! And thank you to all of you that have been patient and have been following my slowly moving, eye bleeding conversational chapters. It makes me feel better. 😛 ❤

Alvor’s Request

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Thanos sighs, glaring at the Imperial soldier, “Hadvar, I know it’s going to hurt. Just because I’m a mage doesn’t mean I’ve not had a flesh wound.” The Imperial soldier blinks and softly chuckles, “Then tell me how you intend to fix this shoulder of yours.” The mage coldly stares at Hadvar a moment, knowing what Hadvar is pulling. “Magic.” Hadvar laughs even louder. “And where’s the fun in that? Where’s the sense of war wounds that you can show others?” Thanos rubs the bridge of his nose in frustration. “Gods.. I almost get executed, a Dragon attacks the town watching me almost get decapitated, and now I’m stuck with someone who thinks scars are charismatic.” “Ale?” Alvor’s wife sets down a bottle. The mage grimaces as Hadvar cleans the wound a bit more. “There’s not enough ale in all of Nirn to dull this headache.” Hadvar laughs, “Don’t be a stubborn mage. There. Now it’s clean.” “Good.” Thanos retorts, gesturing his hands slightly casting a healing spell. “You’re no fun, Thanos.” Hadvar folds his arms. Alvor walks up the steps into the room and looks at the beat up men, “Looks like you boys been through a lot.” Hadvar nods, “There’s a lot to explain. You might want to sit down for this.” Alvor sits, listening to his nephew.

Thanos seems to drift off from the conversation until something snaps him back to reality. “Thanos?” The mage blinks, turning in the direction of the voice. “Hm?” Alvor rubs his beard a moment. “We need to tell the Jarl of Whiterun about this and about the Dragon. If they’ve returned, we don’t have enough soldiers around here to even defend Riverwood. They have walls that surround the city. They’re better off than we are. Can you see if you can talk to the Jarl about it?” Thanos blinks, then looks to Hadvar and then back at Alvor. He then nods. “I’ll see what I can do. I have a favor to repay to Hadvar anyways.” Alvor nods. “Good! If you need anything before you go, let us know, but I suggest you stay here for the night. Just so you can rest for the long journey ahead.” The mage sighs, “I should get to Whiterun thou-” Hadvar interrupts, “He’ll stay the night.” Thanos blinks staring at Hadvar. “I guess I’m staying the night then.” The soldier smiles as Thanos shakes his head. “I’m going to get some fresh air Hadvar.” The mage says advancing to the door. “I’ll come with you.”

Thanos makes his way to the bridge exiting Riverwood, leaning against the stone cobbled wall. Hadvar tilts his head. “What’s on your mind?” The mage looks up at the soldier from the sunset colored waters of the river and looks at Hadvar, “Contemplating.” The soldier quirks his brow, “Contemplating what?” Thanos sighs and faces Hadvar, “Well, I almost got my head hacked off, a dragon almost killed m… Us. It destroyed Helgen… Why would I be making this my duty to fix when it’s obviously beyond my capabilities?” Hadvar blinks. “What do you mean beyond your capabilities?” Thanos stammers a moment and sighs. “I feel like this problem is being forced by me.” Hadvar chuckles, “All you have to do is tell the Jarl about the dragon attack and that Riverwood could be in danger. That’s it. That’s within your capabilities.” The mage rubs the bridge of his nose, “True, but what’s to say it ends there? I’m not someone’s errand boy.” The soldier laughs a bit harder and shakes his head. “This is hardly an errand. Like you said, you owe me a favor. Right? This would be considered even, along with my fighting for your pardon.” Thanos blinks and sighs as Hadvar gently nudges the mage. “Thanos, think about it. You’ve been not trusting people for how long? Sure, some of your principles are a bit taboo, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a fresh start from here.” Thanos sighs nodding. “Maybe you’re not so bad Hadvar. Maybe.” “Maybe? What’s that mean?” the soldier blinks as Thanos sighs. “It means that you’re right.” Hadvar chuckles and slaps Thanos on the shoulder. “See? Was that hard?” The mage casts a look at the soldier, “Yes. So don’t push your luck.” Hadvar starts laughing at this point and shakes his head. “Let’s get back to the house. I imagine the table has enough food for us all. Don’t worry about the sleeping arrangements. There’ll be enough beds.” As Hadvar makes his way back to the house, Thanos casts another glance at the river and then looks up at the sky. He sighs after a moment, shakes his head. “Coming?” Hadvar calls out. The mage snaps back to reality, turning to the voice and nods muttering to himself, “How do I get stuck in these messes…”


Sorry this one is so short and late! Still been fighting with my Data folder and I’ve also gotten another four gigs of RAM. Still doesn’t make the game any faster (believe it or not, I’m running Skyrim on a low GPU and my processor is only a Duo Core 1.0 GHz and Skyrim requires a 2.0 minimum), but I can run the high res texture packs and I’ve also succeeded in getting ENB to work for those purdy screenshots. The high res packs believe it or not actually increased my FPS, which scares me. This laptop of mine is a trooper. I’ve added a few more followers with backstories so there’s a lot that can happen! Not to mention a few mods that is totally up this mage’s alley. 😀

The Road to Refuge

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Hadvar looks back as the two men walk north from what was left of Helgen, then notices Thanos stopping. “You alright?” Hadvar asked. Thanos just nods, “I don’t like wearing this armor. It restricts my somatics, especially with a wounded arm.” The Imperial Soldier quirks his brow, “So-matics? What in the name of Oblivion is that?” Thanos sighs and drops the bag on his shoulders digging out the mage robes he had snagged from the Interrogation room. “Somatics is the movement of one’s hand during spellcasting. They really don’t teach you all much in the Legion do they?” Thanos smirks as he pulls out the robe and hood from the bag, then looking to Hadvar. “Well… No, not really. They just teach us the basics.” Thanos shakes his head a moment before standing, “That is the basics Hadvar. Apparently even since the fall of the Guild, casters aren’t teaching properly.” Then Thanos clears his throat gently, “And turn around.” Hadvar blinks a moment nodding, “Right. Sorry.” He adverts his eyes to the north and continues the conversation, “So what other components are there?” Thanos pulls off the armor as quickly as possible, pulling on the robes. “Well there’s others that wouldn’t really be needed to understand in your situation. The less you know, the less it will confuse you. Unless you actually want, need, or warranted the training that is. You can turn around now.” The mage simply pulls on the cowl as Hadvar turns, quirking his brow. “Not one for talking about your art are you?” Thanos shrugged, “It’s something that I’d rather not discuss.” The soldier blinks, “Magic?” Thanos shakes his head, “No. What I know. You see, knowing is one thing, but just teaching strangers, is another. When you look at your hand, what do you see? You see just your hand, but if you look harder, you’ll gather the questions and see the answers for what they are. Just know this, you and I’s lives are intertwined at the moment, the less we know about each other, the easier this path takes us to Riverwood.” Hadvar clears his throat and nods, “Alright. It’s still a ways off. If you need something, just let me know back there, eh?” The mage nods as he picks up the bag and both start walking on the path again.


The road to Riverwood is winding almost, zig zagging down hills and ravines that it’s made the mage slightly irritated. So irritated that he begins muttering under his breath. Hadvar looks back, “What’s that?” Thanos sighs softly, “Nothing Hadvar. Was just… Complimenting the scenery.” Hadvar laughs a moment, then stops. “Do you see that up there? That’s Bleak Falls Barrow. My mother used to tell me stories of the Draugr up there. Scared me as a child. I always thought they’d come down from there and snatch me up while I was sleeping.” The mage was about to say something snide-like, but decided it was best to not upset the soldier who got him this far. They then get down to a cliffside filled with flora and fauna all around. The sounds of the river mix with the scent of the flowers that fill the air. Thanos takes one deep breath and for once, he was at peace. He was in his domain. Alchemy reagents galore, but then something steals his eye. Three standing stones, close to the cliff’s edge.  He wanders to one, specifically toward one that resembles a mage of some sort. “Those are the Standing Stones. Some come here to gather ideas of what to do in their lives, others, I’m not so sure. Though how am I surprised about your interest in the Mage Stone? Oh and by the way, if you follow the stream north, you’ll see Riverwood.” Thanos looks to the north, following the stream with his eyes and nods. “How far?” The mage asks. “About an hour, give or take.” Hadvar replies. Thanos sighs and nods, “Alright. We should get over there then. It’s almost sun down.” The soldier nods and then takes the lead, though after a moment, he slows where they could walk side by side.


“For give the intrusion Thanos, but why are you so cold when you talk with me?” Hadvar finally asks after the long silence. Thanos blinks and then shrugs, “I just don’t like becoming attached to people. After being expelled, turned away, and then trying to find a new place to continue my research and practice, I don’t know if people would approve of it. Better to not be friendly than potentially be stabbed in the back with accusations of things that are so taboo.” “Like what?” the soldier asks. Thanos sighs and stops. “Well if you really must know you must give me your word as I don’t know the laws here, do I have your word that you won’t pursue my head?” Hadvar blinks and shrugs, “You have my word, I shall not pursue your head or send you to jail. But if it’s THAT bad, I’m certainly going to try and change your mind to not practice… Taboo things.” Thanos nods and pulls down the cowl. “Well. To start, I was a member of the Synod. However my thirst for knowledge of the Arts was insatiable. I experimented with Necromancy and alchemical reagents, their effects and all, which I did legally, that was until The Synod found out about it. They expelled me. Necromancy as you know isn’t illegal unless I use it on unwilling people.” He pauses a moment as Hadvar nods. Assuming that the soldier understood, he continues, “Now the Synod and The College of Whispers are rivals, I thought that if I were to bring my research to them, that they’d fund my study in the sense of protection and possible reversal from Necromantic effects if the corpse is fresh enough, it could possibly be revived somehow involving more ritualistic components. Well, the College denied me being that they thought I was a spy for the Synod, so I had to resort to measures to keep my study alive.” Hadvar blinks, “Measures?” Thanos nods, “I stole from nobles when I could, I killed highway men and bandits that would pass near the forest I dwelled in. There was an abandoned shack that I would work in. One night I accidentally killed a noble, thinking he was a thief. A mistake. See the thing is, bandits and thieves are outlaws. If they attack first, it’s a fight to the death. I needed fresh corpses to keep up with my research, but when I killed that noble, I didn’t have time to explain. They deemed me as an outlawed Necromancer, and well.. Chased me right across the border, and that’s where your friends picked me up at.” Hadvar stays silent a while and pats Thanos lightly on the back, “Listen. What happened back in Cyrodiil stays between us. At least until I can grant a pardon with your actions with me. You got the end of some very short sticks. If you were an outlawed Necromancer, you’d have killed me given the chance and you’ve had plenty of those walking down this road, let alone back during our escape of Helgen.” The soldier sighs and continues, “Just… Don’t be so cold to people. Your cold nature gives you away and if you want to make it through here, or where ever, you’ve got to work on that.” Thanos blinks quirking a brow. He finds himself irritated at first, but then looks at Hadvar’s expression of concern. The mage slowly nods and after a moment of silence he speaks. “I’ll… Try Hadvar. I can’t promise anything, but people and I, we just don’t combine well.” Hadvar smirks slightly. “Good. We’re almost there.” The two begin walking side by side.


Thanos then looks at Hadvar a moment, “Why… Are you wanting to help me anyways?” Hadvar shrugs, “I could have asked you the same question, but during the midst of the attack, you didn’t do anything to try and kill me. I figured you had a past, just like we all do. I’m sure with what happened at Helgen, and you helping me get out of there will grant you a pardon. Oh… Huh. Look at that.” Thanos blinks and looks in the direction that Hadvar was staring. It was the gates to Riverwood. The roads slightly busy with people, despite it being almost sundown. The saw mill was running, you could hear the clanking of the blacksmith slamming his hammer down on the anvil, the talk of a small down, and some random barnyard animals. Thanos takes a deep breath and sighs, almost sounding relieved. “Thank you… Hadvar.” The soldier looks at him and pats him lightly on his shoulder, “Don’t thank me yet. We still have to fix your arm up, get a warm meal in you, and at least a night’s rest before you go back out there. Just be sure to come back to check in about that pardon. I have family here and if I’m not here, they’ll keep the news for you.” Thanos nods looking at the soldier, “And maybe after that, my life and research can get back on track.” Hadvar laughs, “I wouldn’t go that far, but I imagine the College in Winterhold would love to hear about your research.” Thanos taps his chin a moment, “I’ll keep that in mind Hadvar… I’ll keep that in mind.” As they go through the arch of Riverwood, Hadvar smiles and waves at the blacksmith. “Uncle Alvor!” The blacksmith looks up from his anvil with an utmost shocked look on his face. “Hadvar! What are you doing here?” As the the soldier and mage approach, Thanos starts to feel a slight tingle on his neck, looking back at Helgen. He closes his eyes a moment, thinking to himself “This dragon thing isn’t going to be over yet.” Still thinking, he gets snapped back into reality, “Thanos! Come on inside!” Thanos blinks and quirks his brow saying lowly to himself “Hospitality?”

The Escape

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Hadvar watched the door as Thanos slowly follows. He motions to follow closer, but then holds up his hand for him to stop. “I hear voices” Hadvar whispers, looking more through the gated door.  “I’m sure we can reason with them. Come on!” Hadvar then opens the door, however Thanos slinks, almost crouched, lurking at the edge of the wall knowing what was about to happen. Without a word, Hadvar was attacked by Stormcloaks. Doing most of the grunt work, the Stormcloaks had not noticed the young mage enter the room. Thanos almost attacks, but then he struggles with a thought, “Don’t accidentally kill Hadvar.” As soon as the thought passed through his mind, the mage side-steps. Getting into position he juts his hands up, engulfing the Stormcloaks in flames. They screamed in agony, for a moment and in a sudden burst of rage, they try to attack Thanos. Hadvar runs in front of them to block their path to his mage companion. With a couple of strikes with his sword, Hadvar finishes the Stormcloaks and pants a moment walking over to the next door. “Locked… Hmph. Check one of them for a key.” Thanos quirks his brow, looking down at his armor, then looks at Hadvar, “I’m not one of your soldiers.” he stammers out. Hadvar coughs and nods, “I’m sorry if I’m barking orders. Let’s just work together to get out of here. The faster we do, the faster we can figure out what’s going on.” Thanos checks the bodies for a key. Finding it, he makes his way over toward Hadvar, his eyebrow still quirked. “Who’s this we? Is there a mouse in your pocket? You caught me coming into Skyrim, minding my own business. Then, your commander tells me that I should be beheaded.. If there’s one thing I know about fellow Imperials, is that I can’t trust fellow Imperials.” He then hands Hadvar the key, Hadvar just looking at him with a stressed sigh, “Look. I understand that this situation has left you skeptical. You weren’t on the list, I wanted to let you go. If it were up to me, I would have. Right now we have to trust in one another, just like I trusted you not to kill me with that fire of yours. Just give me until the end, if you don’t stick around after we get out, I’ll understand.” Thanos blinks, rather surprised at Hadvar’s response. “Had you not given any inquiry about the list, I probably would have certainly tried to burn you to death, Soldier.” Hadvar smiles, “Please, call me Hadvar. Not all of us soldiers are that arrogant.” Thanos nods as Hadvar opens the gated door, the mage following him slinking closely to the wall.

As they make their way down the stairs, they hear voices again. Hadvar quickly scales down the stairs to see. To his dismay, it was Stormcloaks. As Hadvar began to charge, Thanos felt a low rumbling. He quickly darted down the steps and placed a hand on Hadvar’s shoulder, “Halt!”. As Thanos enunciated the t, the roof collapsed before them. “Damn! There’s got to be another way out..” Hadvar stammers, completely surprised at the structural integrity of the walls that surrounds them. Thanos motions toward the door. As they make their way inside, they hear the same voices again. Thanos quietly sneaks up on the group of Stormcloaks, pelting them with the flames he used before, after they got close enough for a surprise attack. Hadvar comes in quickly after, finishing them off. Hadvar looks around and looks at Thanos. “Maybe you should search around for potions in this room.” Thanos glares at Hadvar, “I’m more than capable of making my own.” he grimaces. “Your shoulder says otherwise.” Hadvar gestures to Thanos’s arm. Somehow, he’d got cut on the bicep. The soldier slowly gets closer to Thanos, when Thanos himself stops him. “It’s fine. It’s not deep. I’ll check the barrels.” Hadvar blinks and then slowly nods, “I’ll check this way and see if there’s any others.” And just like that, the mage pockets a few potions into a makeshift knapsack. “Let’s go, Hadvar.”

The soldier edges more slowly down the corridors, hearing more and more voices echoing throughout the Keep. Hadvar finally reaches the stairs where he sees an Imperial Interrogator trying to subdue or maybe kill someone. He rushes, charging down the stairs. Thanos shakes his head muttering under his breath about how the soldier was going to get them killed with his stupidity and rushes behind him, flames baring in his palms. As Thanos makes it to the bottom of the stairs, he juts his hands forward at the target everyone is focused on. Another Stormcloak prisoner. The Interrogator watches Thanos for a moment before Hadvar speaks. “We’re taking what we need to get out of here and I’m going to try and get word out to the other Imperial forts and garrisons.” The interrogator glares at Hadvar “You can’t do that.”, but before he could finish that sentence, Hadvar stops him. “That’s an order.” The interrogator scoffs, “Fine. But you won’t find a way out that way.” During the whole discussion, Thanos finds a backpack with a few lockpicks inside. He looks at Hadvar and he nods that it’s alright. Thanos puts the rest of his belongings into the pack, then looks in the cages. Seeing another mage in one of the cells that was dead, Thanos looks at the Interrogator, “Is there a key to the lock?” The interrogator glares at him, “Pick it yourself, grunt.” Thanos looked at the cage and grinned spotting a spellbook, along at the mage’s clothing. “Don’t mind if I do.” he says as he picks the lock. After he breaks in, he picks up the tome, the small bits of gold, and takes the dead mage’s robes, packing them all into the pack. He nods to Hadvar, and they continue further through the Keep.

As they progress, they then seem to hit a dead end. “Looks like there’s no exit that way Thanos.” He then stops and looks to his right, “But this way might be a way out.” Thanos sighs, following the soldier, muttering under his breath. He then blinks. “Hold on a moment Hadvar.” Stopping, Hadvar looks back. “What’s going on now?” Thanos walks over to the candle for a small bit of light, he begins to study the tome’s contents, which generally consist of verbal and somatic components. The mage smirks and simply closes the book. “A new toy.” Hadvar looks at him strangely. “A new toy?” he asks as Thanos puts the tome away. “Yes…” the mage replies, opening his hands in a new, strange way as sparks emits from his fingertips. “A new toy. Let’s keep going.” Hadvar blinks at Thanos’s behavior, but he nods in agreement. They start going through the narrow corridor.

As they get through to the end of the corridor, they can hear sounds of water. Not like a small trickle, more like a large creekbed. Thanos looks around, “Sounds like we’re out of the Keep and in some kind of cave.” Hadvar nods, “The Keep is connected to a few, for escapes like these if we need them.” Thanos shakes his head with the muttering thought, “No wonder why Imperial soldiers always lose prisoners. They plan too much for their own escape.” As they enter the cave, they see a bunch of webbing. “Stay back Hadvar.” Thanos passes the man as his hands still emit sparks. Hadvar blinks, just watching. As the mage looks at the room’s environment, he sees a shadow from a hole in the roof of the cave. It begins to lower and Thanos hurries into position as he now sees that there’s more than just one. “Spiders!” the mage calls out, Hadvar quickly comes to the mage’s side. As Thanos juts out his hand, electricity leaps from his fingers and hands at his targets, being very mindful for Hadvar. The Imperial soldier noticing this, side-steps to get at a more safer distance from the wild flicking of the electric spell Thanos is using. After Hadvar administers the coup de grace on the larger Frostbite Spider, Thanos nods to the left. A possible exit. Hadvar now follows Thanos, as they quickly pick up the pace.

Coming into the next room, Hadvar places a hand on the mage’s shoulder. “Shh. Do you see that? I’d rather not wake that bear up. We could sneak past her, or you could take this bow and arrow and maybe surprise her.” Thanos just looks at Hadvar, taking the bow. “To think they teach you how to fire these things, why are you having ME of all people kill it?” the mage whispers with a quirked eyebrow. Hadvar blinks and looks at him whispering, “Because by the looks of it Thanos, you’re just as capable as I am. I’m leaving the decision to you. You think on your feet, while I think on brashness.” Thanos grins, knotching an arrow, speaking in a low voice. “And apparently you can hear my thoughts. Hm.” The mage takes a deep breath, eyes his target for a few moments. Hadvar watches inquisitively, and as soon as the soldier could blink, Thanos releases the arrow and stands.

“It’s dead.” Hadvar blinks in disbelief, but they both wander over to check it out. “See?” Thanos bends down to retrieve the arrow. As he does, he proves it to Hadvar, the arrow is stuck deep inside the bear. “Since I shot it through the back, it probably slipped through around the ribcage somewhere, either hitting the heart or something like that. Probably a lucky shot.” Hadvar coughs and motions in front of them, “I see light.” Thanos blinks and looks at Hadvar, then where Hadvar was looking. The mage can’t help his passing thought through his own mouth, “Did you lose that much Imperial funding that you had to resort using a bear to keep prisoners from breaking out?” Hadvar glares and shakes his head “The Empire has the money-“, he then stops himself and blinks. “Did you just make a joke?” Hadvar stares hard at Thanos, the mage simply replying “Did you just take that seriously?” While Hadvar chuckles, Thanos keeps himself prepared, watching the exit for predators, namely that huge dragon they keep hearing. Before they exit the cave, they give each other a slight nod. Thanos takes a deep breath, Hadvar brandishing his sword, both of them crouching close to the ground so that their chances of being seen are slim as they exit the cave. As they make their way to a rock, they see the dragon circle nearby, flying away from them. Hadvar relaxes and sheathes his sword. “Phew. I thought we were goners for sure. Uh… Listen… Thanos. Why don’t you at least come with me to Riverwood, at least there you can have a bed before you run off. I’m sure if I talked with the general that he’d pardon you. But if you decide to go now, just be sure to avoid other Imperials if you get into trouble.” Hadvar says, starting down the road, but stops waiting for a response. Thanos blinks, takes a deep breath and sighs. “If there’s any sign of you not keeping your word and having me executed there, I’m coming back and killing you Hadvar.” Hadvar laughs and shakes his head, “No, I have family there. You can trust me Thanos, I swear that if you decide to leave, I’ll let you. No tricks. After all. You’re the kind for tricks being you use magic and all.” Thanos eyes the other Imperial a moment, relaxing his hands as the sparks stop emitting from his fingertips, then nods. “Lead the way then, Hadvar”



(Sorry for the delay on this one. Been trying to get settled down with a few things, but not to worry, more will definitely come around when I get to them! 😀 I hope you enjoy this one even with the cruddy grammar and repetitive nonsense. I may edit it later when I can sit down and look at it harder. )


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An Imperial caravan of prisoners makes it’s way down the road, toward Helgen, approaching the town very slowly. The prisoners, other than two, are talking among themselves. One of the two that isn’t participating is out cold, the other gagged. The man who is out cold comes to, looking around slowly, observing his surroundings. The man in front of him speaks to him, however the sore and groggy man just stays quiet. Another man chimes in, “Damn you Stormcloaks! Skyrim was fine until you came along. The Empire was nice and lazy…” The dazed man suddenly loses interest in the political war between Stormcloaks and the Empire, despite him being an Imperial. He observes his surroundings. At first, snow, then slowly, the scenery changes from a bright white snow covered terrain to a more lush green forest. He sighs again when the Stormcloak suddenly speaks deeply. “Watch your tongue! You’re speaking to Ulfric Stormcloak! The true High King!” The dazed man quirks his brow and looks to the Stormcloak that’s speaking when the ill-mannered thief speaks. “Ulfric… The Jarl of Windhelm? You’re the leader of the Rebellion. But if they captured you, then… Oh gods! Where are they taking us?” The Stormcloak simply replies, “I don’t know, but where ever we’re going… Sovengarde awaits us.” The thief then starts hysterically chanting the Gods, as if they would intervene this. The dazed man just shakes his head, knowing what the stop is about.

As the carriages come to a stop, they force the prisoners off, one by one into a line. “Ralof!” The Stormcloak then walks to a spot once his name was called. Then all of a sudden the thief makes a break for it. “Archers! Arrows!” the commander calls out. The guards then shoot the thief down, dead. “Anyone else want to make a run for it?” the commander scolds. One of the guards, the one who was calling out the names then looks at the dazed and bound prisoner. “You’re not on the list. What’s your name?” The bound man silently says “Thanos.” “He’s not on the list-” “Everyone goes to the block including him.” the commander scolds. “Of course. We’ll have your remains returned to Cyrodiil.” Thanos then makes his way to the chopping block line.

The first prisoner goes up to the block as a Priestess of Arkay is giving them all their last rights. “Shut up and let’s get this over with, I haven’t got all day.” he mutters. “If you wish”, the priestess replies. Then, with one swift motion with the headsman’s axe, the prisoner’s head is severed from his body. Thanos watches, in silence, but is then distracted by a high pitched roar heard throughout the land. Everyone looks up and around. “Next prisoner! The one from Cyrodiil!” Thanos then walks up to the block, but then then the same thing roars again. Everyone whispers looking around. “I said NEXT PRISONER.” the commander growls and Thanos is put into position on the chopping block. As the executioner pulls his axe over his head and almost swings down, however something large circles overhead. “What in Oblivion’s name is THAT!?” “DRAGON!” The large dragon roars as the sky darkens and what seems like meteors fall from the sky. The dragon roars again, feeling physically pushed more into the chopping block, Thanos is rendered almost unconscious, his last thought of that this was the way he was going to die. The dragon then lifts off. Ralof shouts for Thanos as he comes to and they make a break for it.

Thanos then follows Ralof into a watchtower. Seeing Ulfric, Ralof runs to his side. “I can’t believe it. Can the legends be true?” Ralof asks. “Legends don’t burn down villages.” Ulfric replies. Thanos makes his way up the stairs, but in his feeble attempt, the dragon barged through the wall knocking the bound man down the stairs, incinerating everyone on the top floor. He scrambles to his feet as he runs back up the stairs watching the dragon fly off, attacking the village again. “Jump!” Ralof shouts. “We’ll be right behind you!” Thanos looks down at the building under him engulfed in flames. He jumps down, barely evading a table, flames burning at his legs and back, grimacing in pain, Thanos runs as fast as he can. He runs into the man who was calling the names. “You all need to get out of here!” he shouts, then eyes the prisoner. “You’re alive! Come with me if you want to stay that way.” Thanos follows the man, until the man shouts “Get against the wall!”, bolting for the wall Thanos does as he’s told. The dragon perches onto the wall, incinerating anyone in front of it with it’s fiery breath and as quickly as it landed, it was in the air again. Thanos and the man make a run for it. “To the Keep! Get inside!” the man shouts. Ralof and a group of men approach the keep as well. “Ralof you traitor!” “Out of my way Hadvar!” Ralof grunts getting the Stormcloaks inside. Both shout at Thanos to follow them, however being a prisoner and if he were to follow Hardvar’s orders, he thought that the Imperials would possibly release him or just jail instead of publicly executing him. Ralof goes into the keep on the far end, Thanos follows Hadvar. As Thanos enters the Keep, he sighs with relief as just for a moment, he was safe. Hadvar places a hand on Thanos’s shoulder, “Here, let me get those binds off of you. We need to find you some armor and a weapon. I can’t believe it. A dragon attacking the village..” Thanos looks back at Hadvar, he doesn’t speak, he just silently nods. “For a criminal you don’t talk much do you? Well… When we get out of here, we’ll make our way for Riverwood, but for now, let’s just find you a weapon or some armor.” Thanos gives Hadvar a funny look as he raises his hands. His fingers curled like claws, a spark emits from them, and then a flame. “Weapons and I don’t bode well.” Thanos finally speaks. Stunned, Hadvar looks at Thanos handing him armor he had from a nearby chest,”I… See…”. Hadvar looks at him curiously.  Thanos simply shrugs pulling on the armor. “Alright… Thanos… Let’s make our way out of here slowly.” Thanos nods as Hadvar opens the door and they silently walk through.



((I know it’s my first post, it’s a bit winded, and some of the interactions happened and some of them didn’t. I wanted to sort of have connection with the characters rather than it being like an actual playthrough of Skyrim, after all, that’s what Roleplay is right? 😀 I’ll also warn you that this fanfic IS gay friendly. There will probably be somewhere one or maybe more same-sex romances as the story develops. If you’re not gay friendly, I suggest you not read any further. Just thought I’d place that little disclaimer. Anyways, I won’t have screencaps until after Whiterun. My screencap button derped and said it took the screencaps, but then didn’t. I didn’t know what was wrong until I had realized that the ini I used from the Nexus had them disabled. Nerp. But thank you for being patient!))